Mountain bike tour to Chamanna D'es-cha

Chammana D'es-cha Mountainbike Tour

Chamanna D'es-cha mountainbike tour

The Chamanna D'es-cha mountainbike tour is a one day trip from the Engadine valley to the foot of the Kesch mountain. The descent with some challenging parts is leading you down over flowy trails to Zouz or La Punt.
Our mountainbike guides can give you tips and tricks to handle the difficult parts and help you improve your biking, eaven in difficult conditions.

Additional Information

Our mountainbike guides ride the "Chamanna D'es-cha tour" both ways: from Zuoz to La Punt or the opposite way.
We guide this tour from june to Oktober, depending on the snow conditions.
This mountainbike tour can be extended around S-chanf and La Punt.
There are several options with the best flow trails!